About us

hojozat Travel Station is an international travel technology and The B2B wholesaler company with headquarter in Germany, Frankfurt, and regional offices in Iraq, Lebanon and soon in UAE “Dubai” Since we started, we have been collecting reviews, feedbacks, questionnaires, and surveys from different travel agents, tour operators, and travel management companies all over the world to build the most user-friendly and multifunctional online booking engine that will fit to any business needs. By integrating the biggest number of suppliers in our system we guarantee to offer the best rates on any travel services. Currently, we have integrated more than 650 suppliers of flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers, packages, cruises, trains, buses, activities, and we are eager to keep expanding our travel inventory.

  • Expert in travel and technology
  • All developers in-house
  • Operate internationally
  • Eager to have 100% better rates
  • 100,000 users worldwide
  • Always listen to the suggestions of the Partners
  • Always integrate new ideas of our Partners

We are uniquely equipped to deliver the best products within the shortest time. We are constantly improving our booking engine by adding new travel services, new suppliers and new features. That is why our internet booking engine is being used by more than 15632 companies and over 70120 users from around 100 countries across the world. Be the next one to experience TS-GATE!


One-stop convenience at best conditions, State of the art technology, access to world-class products, true appreciation for your business, reliable customer support. Just some of the reasons to work with us. After all, if our current partners trust us, so can you!

Competitive rates and availability, and quality content for travel supply worldwide

The all-in-one travel booking platform, whether travelers or the travel agent, want to book flights, cars, hotels, activities, or vacation packages, the template has it all.

Our Purpose in flight industry

Enable our partners to maximize value by making air travel stress-free for the end traveler!

The air distribution landscape is complex; Buying air travel continues to be a stressful process and requires undivided attention that no other product purchase demands. Changes and cancellations are even more of a nightmare!

Not anymore!

Traditionally, the travel industry is built on 3 critical pillars – Distribution managed through GDS, Fulfilment managed through Agencies, and Payments through the BSP Payment Process. 

At hojozat Travel Station, the entire portfolio of airline retailing – “shop, order, pay” is integrated and automated on a single platform and thus removes the current distribution limitation of the airline industry. The current industry payment inefficiencies are eliminated with a real-time direct settlement between agencies and the airlines’ partners in their respective currencies.

hojozat Travel Station offers search, ticket, ancillary sales, and post bookings management process in more than 700+ airlines – All through one single B2B API SAAS platform. Travel or E-commerce companies who envision upscale their business growth can rely on hojozat Travel Station NDC-powered Airline retailing solutions to scale and grow their business. With our award-winning technology and ticketing expertise, we make selling air travel affordable, more accessible, and most convenient for our customers than ever before.

Travel With Us

No matter who you are, or where you are going, our travel brands help every type of traveler, Agency, Government, or Corporate not only find the trip that’s right for them but get the best value every time.

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